The Rose Hotel – Venice

The Rose Hotel

Venice, CA


The Rose Hotel, designed by Abbot Kinney in 1908, first earned notoriety as a debauched haven for his east coast cohorts against the vibrant backdrop of a stirring city teeming with eager exploration, menacing speculation, and impending prohibition (think “Boardwalk Empire” meets “Chinatown”). Its reputation endured, with Charlie Chaplin, Jim Morrison and Dennis Hopper known to drop in over the years. Today, Venice still brims with the same opportunistic dynamism; a fairground for hipsters/skaters/surfers, and an artist and music/film industry hotbed. Together with a charming canal district, lively boardwalk, and soft-sanded beaches, it creates an indescribably unique experience. One could never recreate Venice for it’s as much an anomaly as it is a mistake; but a brilliant mistake that is flourishing and becoming one of the most desirable locations in the country. The distinctive vibe of Venice may not appeal to everyone but we love the colorfully motley characters floating past, and The Rose is our small piece of that charm.


20,000 Square Feet